Our services
LOGICA has its own supplier assessment platform, e-Califica, which allows its customers to:
  • Visualize and download the documentation of every process related to its vendors.
  • Obtain reports.
  • Gain access to dashboards with KPI´s.
  • Search for suppliers in our registered vendor database.
  • Connection API through web services to feed the ERP with all the information of the process.
Providing advice to customers is an essential part of our services, as well as the customization of the assessment process. This is done in order to establish the customer’s needs and contracting risks for each group of suppliers.

Customization of the Supplier Assessment process in accordance with the customer’s needs and risks that could emerge with the various groups of vendors.

Advice during the process in regard to legal and regulatory changes that may exist in the local regulations, and which may affect the assessment process or its requirements.

Support for our customers in compliance with internal policies, internal and external auditing requirements, ISO, parent companies and regulations set forth by local control entities.

Independence of the process between Customer and Supplier.

Follow-ups of the process until its conclusion is reached.

Access to digital information and documentation for the whole assessment process.

Online reporting and dashboards with managerial indicators.

Free access to modules: Supplier Assessment, Search and Satisfaction Survey.

Connection via web service with customers and providing their ERP with information of the process.